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Scotland can take inspiration from Russia, says Steve Clarke

Steve Clarke Needs Scotland to take inspiration from Russia ahead of their European Qualifier in Moscow on Thursday night.

Before storming to the quarter-finals losing on penalties to Croatia, the 2018 World Cup hosts were also composed off inside and outside.
Russia captain Artem Dzyuba remembered on Wednesday how they had changed senses with results and an appreciation of the fans, and he had been surprised the Scottish media did not have more faith into their own
National team.
Scotland have almost no chance of a place in Group I but still possess the play-offs in March to attempt to secure appearances at Euro 2020 although with four beats in six qualifiers.
Only as I was sitting in the rooms I noticed the remarks from Dzyuba and they were rather good I thought – the way he talked about the fans getting behind the Russian national group and being quite reassuring, Clarke said.
There has been a time when there was a disconnect between the Russian lovers along with the Russian group and now they have that togetherness.
Hopefully we can build that together with the Scottish lovers and hopefully find ourselves taking part in a tournament that a portion of it will be in Scotland.

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