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Before the man could reply, a fresh agitation arose

by • March 21, 2013 • NatureComments Off on Before the man could reply, a fresh agitation arose1813

For what purpose was this meeting? What was the occasion of this excited assemblage? Phileas Fogg could not imagine. Was it to nominate some high official—a governor or member of Congress? It was not improbable, so agitated was the multitude before them. Just at this moment there was an unusual stir in the human mass. [&hellip...

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Sunset Reel – Gallery post – slideshow

March 20, 2013 • Foreign, Nature1496

‘How the creatures order one about, and make one repeat lessons!’ thought Alice; ‘I might as well be at school at once.’ However, she got up, and began to repeat it, but her head was so full of the Lobster Quadrille, that she hardly...

Map Post – This boat had always been deemed one of the spare boats

November 6, 2012 • Formats, Nature1217

The ship was now kept away from the wind, and she went gently rolling before it. Tashtego reporting that the whales had gone down heading to leeward, we confidently looked to see them again directly in advance of our bows. For that singular craft at times...

I was overjoyed to see the high trees that denoted the object of my search

November 4, 2012 • Nature, Photo1264

Image Credit. When the amphitheater had cleared I crept stealthily to the top and as the great excavation lay far from the plaza and in an untenanted portion of the great dead city I had little trouble in reaching the hills beyond. For two days I waited there...

Now, in that Japanese sea, the days in summer are as freshets of effulgences.

November 2, 2012 • Design, Nature1602

Both were silent again, as one man. The grey dawn came on, and the slumbering crew arose from the boat’s bottom, and ere noon the dead whale was brought to the ship. The season for the Line at length drew near; and every day when Ahab, coming from his...